Must Have Skincare Products

Skin is the largest organ of the body which protects our internal organs. Taking care of such an important part of the body is not a vain thing to do. Sun damage, pollution, smoking or passive smoking and unhealthy diet cause our skin to dry and make it dull. One must clean all the dirt stuck to the face and apply soothing lotions or serums to repair the damage. We have come up with simple skin care routine for your skin. These simple and quick steps are easy to follow without taking much of your time. Create your own inexpensive spa from the components found in your cabinet.


First of all, you must cleanse your skin. Cleansing is the most important and the first thing in the skincare routine. This not only cleans dirt from your face but also clears all the dead cells to build upon your skin. A gentle face wash with soothing ingredients like lavender must be used as your skin is already inflamed and irritated. Taking a generous amount of cleansing milk on a cotton pad and gently scrubbing it against the face in circular motions will clean dirt even from the pores of the skin. This also increases blood flow providing your skin with essential nutrients.

Eye Serum

Eye serumsĀ are the powerhouse of the skincare products. They are concentrated with anti-aging ingredients. Since the skin near the eyes is very delicate the eye serumĀ makes it easier to absorb and provides nourishment to the innermost layers of the skin. These serums may be costly but a small amount is enough and hence they long last. Take a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and gently massage it into your skin near the eyes in circular motions. You see results instantly as such eye serums benefit all skin types.

Night Cream

A night cream is a repairing tool for your skin. It repairs the skin by boosting collagen production and eliminating free radicals. At night skin regenerates skin cells at a faster rate. No need to apply it every day twice a week is more than enough. If you apply night cream every day your skin is at the risk of breaking out. This may lead to acne. Make sure you buy one suitable for your skin type.


Night Mask

Night masks help seal the moisture and all the nutrients of all the above products. Night masks can be homemade using ingredients from the kitchen. The combination of honey and oats make the best mask. It is recommended to use night mask once a week.

At night, your body regenerates skin cells faster than during the day. This means the serums and creams that you have applied, will boost the collagen production. The skin temperature is high at night which means products get easily absorbed into your skin. But applying all these products every day may interfere with cell regeneration of your skin.

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